SIG Officers

  • Chair: Anna Maria Vegni, Roma Tre University, Italy
  • Co-Chair: Valeria Loscrì, INRIA Lille, France
  • Senior Advisor: A. Benslimane, University of Avignon, France

SIG Scope

  • The Social Internet of Anything Special Interest Group (SIoA SIG) of the IEEE Technical on Social Networks (SN) promotes research and development in emerging area of social networking applied to communication networks, ranging from traditional IoT networks, including Internet of Vehicles, Internet of Flying devices, Internet of Medical devices, till Internet of People, where social features are relevant and exploitable for communication and networking purposes.
  • Due to this huge application field, not limited to IoT, and since social aspects can find applicability in different fields, we extend the definition of Social IoT to Social Internet of Anythings. In this context, we are aware that new threats can emerge and make the SIoA more vulnerable to cyber attacks. The SIoA will focus on reserach activities on all these aspects.
  • SIoA SIG aims to provide a platform for researchers and practitioners from academia and industry to discuss relevant topics and exchange views on the important issues of SIoA provisioning, social networking and connectivity, social community detection and prediction, social ties and hub nodes for communication networks, cross-layer design and inter-operability between communication networks and social networks. It will also assist the TCSN by organizing and supporting ComSoc-sponsored conferences and workshops, special issues and feature topics of relevant journals.

SIG Topics

The main technical topics of SIoA are the following, but not limited to:

  • Social network analysis applied to communication networks
  • Security and privacy issues in Social Internet of Anythings
  • Connectivity management ruled by social features
  • Machine learning for Big Data analytics in social Internet of Anythings
  • Integration of social aspects in traditional ad-hoc networks
  • Small-world theory applied to Social Internet of Anythings
  • Cross-layer design of communication networks and social networks
  • Epidemic social network analysis for pandemic contension
  • Social networking for contact tracing, location and tracking
  • Social Data and multimedia communication and privacy

SIG Seminar


SIG Project