The 1st IEEE Latin America Conference on Cloud Computing and Communications (LatinCloud 2012)


 NOV 26,27, 2012

Call for Papers

The Cloud Computing and communications paradigm has defined unprecedented business models, promoting on-demand computing resource allocation, elastic scaling, and elimination of up-front costs. Capitalizing on paradigms such as virtualization, utility computing, grid computing, and service oriented architectures, cloud computing and communications has already changed the way we compute and communicate. To cope with numerous technological challenges for the support of diverse services and application, the First IEEE Latin American Conference on Cloud Computing and Communications invites your submission. Submissions are sought on the following topics but not restricted to:

  • Cloud architectures
  • Cloud platforms and testbeds
  • Infrastructure core services
  • Load balancing
  • SaaS/PaaS/IaaS/NaaS
  • Policy driven service/resource life-cycle management
  • Public, private, and hybrid clouds
  • Cloud-based multimedia services
  • Privacy and security
  • Green Clouds
  • Measurement and Monitoring
  • Cloud management
  • Dependability and fault tolerance
  • Mobile Cloud services
  • Performance evaluation and modeling
  • Social network in Clouds
  • Applications and services enabled by virtualized infrastructures
  • Federated Clouds
  • Virtualization platforms
  • Data management in Clouds
  • Middeware for cloud environments
  • Metadata and schemas
  • Network architecture for data center
  • Service-oriented architecture in Cloud computing
  • Optical interconnects
  • Mechanisms and protocols to support QoS/QoE
  • Service composition and orchestration
  • Management of scientific models and workflows
  • Service level agreements and business models
  • Cloud computing and communications in industry and IT business
  • Resource provisioning and scheduling

Important Dates

Paper Submission September 21st, 2012
Acceptance Notification November 1st, 2012
Final Version November 15th, 2012


Conference Organization

General chair

  • Lisandro Zambenedetti Granville, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Local arrangement chair

  • Cristiano Bonato Both, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

TPC co-chairs

  • Edmundo Madeira, University of Campinas, Brazil
  • Nelson L. S. Fonseca, University of Campinas, Brazil

Steering committee chair

  • Nelson L. S. Fonseca, University of Campinas, Brazil

Keynote chair

  • Thais Batista, Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil