IEEE Wireless Communications Magazine (Special Issue on Mobile Social Networks)

Social networks contribute a significant fraction of Internet traffic, and increasingly this traffic is in support of mobile social networking. This situation has spurred considerable recent research interest in mobile social networks. Social networks have been studied for decades, although most of the earlier work in this area addressed issues lying outside the scope of technological networks. More recently, social network models that treat relationships as connections to form networks or graphs have emerged in mobile Internet and mobile computing/communications, as the foundations of cloud-based applications and services. However, there are still significant technological challenges in the development of the cloud infrastructure and mobile terminal devices, and the purpose of this special issue is to highlight recent advances in this field.

Research in network science and its application to the Internet has highlighted the interplay between technological networks and social networks. This interplay suggests a paradigm shift in the design of wireless communication systems and networks to incorporate social network theory and applications into such design. In light of this trend and the rising prevalence of mobile social networks, this special issue will focus on the following subjects of interest, as well as related issues:

  • Inference and knowledge discovery with big mobile data; i.e., influence, reputation, recommendation, community structure, advertising, measurements, and experiments, for large mobile social networks and personal & location services
  • Belief and message propagation, computational intelligence and machine learning, game theoretic and economic analysis, graph theoretic analysis, biological and ecological modeling, data analysis and inference, and compressed sensing, as foundations to enable massive mobile social networks
  • Trusted networking, privacy and security, user behavior and dynamics, digital rights management, movement and location, in mobile social networks
  • System architecture, protocols, middleware and software engineering, terminal/device technology, user experience and interface technology, deployment and operations, and standards, for cloud-based mobile social networks
  • Social networking applications and services for mobile Internet, mobile multimedia networks, mobile-commerce, mobile cyber-physical systems, and their potential social, economic, and cultural impact
  • Social networking influence on wireless systems and networks and subsequent new design paradigms for future wireless networks
  • Applications of large social network analysis and the relational structure of social networks to the design of advanced wireless communication networks
  • Interplay between social networks and wireless communications, such as deriving social interactions from mobile communication networks, and social network characterization from communication theory

Prospective authors should prepare their submissions in accordance with the rules specified in the Information for Authors of the IEEE Wireless Communications guidelines ( Authors should submit a PDF version of their complete manuscript to The timetable is as follows:

Submission deadline June 1, 2013
Initial Decision August 10, 2013
Revised Manuscript Due September 15, 2013
Final Decision October 15, 2013
Final Manuscript Due November 10, 2013
Publication February 2014


Guest Editors Kwang-Cheng Chen, National Taiwan University, email: H. Vincent Poor, Princeton UniversityRamjee Prasad, Aalborg University

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