The 4th International Workshop on Complex Networks and their Applications (Complex Networks 2015)

Bangkok, Thailand, 23-27 November 2015
(in conjunction with IEEE SITIS 2015)

Scope of the Workshop

Real-world entities often interconnect with each other through explicit or implicit relationships to form a complex network. Examples of complex networks are found in many fields of science such as biological systems, engineering systems, economic systems as well as social systems. In line with SITIS tradition of promoting interdisciplinary research, the international workshop on Complex Networks and their Applications aims at bringing together researchers and practitioners from different science communities working on areas related to complex networks. The workshop targets two types of contributions from prospective authors: contributions dealing of theoretical tools and methods to solve practical problems as well as applications solved by tools from network sciences. Both contributions should stimulate interaction between theoreticians and practitioners.

Authors are encouraged to submit both theoretical and applied papers on their research in complex networks. Topics for the workshop include, but are not limited to:

  • Models of Complex Networks
  • Structural Network Properties and Analysis
  • Complex Networks and Epidemics
  • Rumor Spreading
  • Community Structure in Networks
  • Formation of Complex Networks
  • Generation of Complex Networks
  • Community Detection in Complex Networks
  • Motif Discovery in Complex Networks
  • Visualization of Complex Networks
  • Complex network mining
  • Dynamics and evolution patterns of complex networks
  • Community discovery in complex social networks
  • Visual representation of complex networks
  • Methodological problems in complex network studies
  • Applications of complex network analysis


All the papers accepted for the workshop will be included in the conference proceedings. The proceedings will be published by IEEE Computer Society and referenced in IEEE Xplore Digital Library and major indexes. They will be available at the conference.

Extended version of selected papers will be published in a  special issue of the journal Computational Social Networks edited by Springer.

Other special issues will be announced lately.

Important Dates

Paper Submission September 6, 2015
Acceptance/Reject Notification October 5, 2015
Camera Ready October 15, 2015
Author Registration October 19, 2015


General Chair

  • Hocine CHERIFI, University of Burgundy, France

Program Committee

Sebastian Ahnert University of Cambridge UK
Tatsuya Akutsu Kyoto University Japan
Reka Albert Pennsylvania State University USA
Luis Amaral Northwestern University USA
Fred Amblard IRIT – University Toulouse 1 Capitole France
James Bagrow University of Vermont USA
Yaneer Bar-Yam NECSI Cambridge UK
Gilles Bisson Grenoble University France
Marian Boguna University of Barcelona Spain
Stefan Bornholdt University of Bremen Germany
Lidia A. Braunstein UNMdP Argentina
Javier M. Buldu Universidad Rey Juan Carlos Spain
Vincenza Carchiolo  Universita di Catania Italy
Nitesh Chawla University of Notre Dame USA
Guanrong Chen City University of Hong Kong Hong Kong
Kwang-Cheng Chen National Taiwan University Taiwan
Chantal Cherifi Lyon 2 University France
Richard Clegg Imperial College London UK
Jack Cole ARL USA
Regino Criado Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid Spain
Jean-Charles Delvenne University of Louvain Belgium
Stephen Eubank Virginia Tech USA
Giorgio Fagiolo Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies Italy
Xinchu Fu Shanghai University China
James Gleeson University of Limerick  Ireland
Kwang-Il Goh Korea University Korea
Sergio Gomez Universitat Rovira i Virgili Spain
Bruno Gonçalves Aix-Marseille Université France
Jean-Loup Guillaume Université de la Rochelle France
Chris Hankin Imperial College London UK
Desmond Higham University of Strathclyde UK
Seok-Hee Hong University of Sydney Australia
Ulrich Hoppe University Duisburg-Essen Germany
Pan Hui Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Hong Kong
Giulia Iori City University London UK
Hawoong Jeong KAIST Korea
Rushed Kanawati Université Paris 13 France
Dror Kenett Boston University USA
Hyoungshick Kim Sungkyunkwan University Korea
Renaud Lambiotte University of Namur Belgium
Christine Largeron Université de Lyon France
Matthieu Latapy CNRS France
Anna T. Lawniczak University of Guelph,  Guelph, Ontario Canada
Benedicte Le Grand Universite Paris 1 Panthéon – Sorbonne France
Nelly Litvak University of Twente Netherlands
Alessandro Longheu DIEEI – University of Catania Italy
Matteo Magnani Uppsala University Sweden
Clemence Magnien LIP6 (CNRS – UPMC) France
Hernán Makse City College of New York USA
Maria Malek EISTI, Paris France
Naoki Masuda University of Tokyo Japan
Jose Mendes Universidade de Aveiro Portugal
Ronaldo Menezes Florida Institute of Technology USA
Radosław Michalski Wrocław University of Technology Poland
Tijana Milenkovic University of Notre Dame USA
Bivas Mitra IIT Kharagpur India
Yamir Moreno Universidad de Zaragoza Spain
Tsuyoshi Murata Tokyo Institute of Technology Japan
Gergely Palla Eötvös University Hungary
Fragkiskos Papadopoulos Cyprus University of Technology Cyprus
Symeon Papadopoulos Information Technologies Institute Greece
Matjaz Perc University of Maribor Slovenia
Juyong Park KAIST Korea
Carlo Piccardi Politecnico di Milano Italy
Filippo Radicchi Northwestern University USA
Massimo Riccaboni IMT Institute for Advanced Studies Italy
Luis E C Rocha Karolinska Institutet Sweden
Derek Ruths McGill University Canada
Maxi San Miguel IFISC (UIB-CSIC) Spain
Antonio Scala Institute for Complex Systems / INRC Italy
Ingo Scholtes ETH Zurich Switzerland
Frank Schweitzer ETH Zurich Switzerland
Anurag Singh  IIT Delhi India
Yatindra Singh IIT Kanpur India
Michael Small University of Western Australia Australia
Bosiljka Tadic Jozef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana Slovenia
I-Hsien Ting National University of Kaohsiung Taiwan
Olivier Togni  University of Burgundy France
Piet Van Mieghem Delft University of Technology Netherlands
Huijuan Wang Delft University of Technology Netherlands
Bin Wu Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications China
Pen Xia Microsoft UK
Wang Xiao-Fan Shanghai Jiao Tong University China
Zi-Ke Zhang Hangzhou Normal University China

If you have any queries, please email at and we will be happy to address them.