The 48th IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC 2012)

10-15 June 2012

Ottawa, Canada

Call for Papers for Communications Software, Services, and Multimedia Applications Symposium

Scope and Motivation

The Communications Software, Services, and Multimedia Applications Symposium covers challenges and advances for service delivery and management in fixed and mobile communication networks. These topics are particularly relevant for researchers, developers, and industries to exchange ideas and present results on advancing the state-of-the-art and overcoming research on the challenging issues related to the software design, deployment, delivering, and management of services and multimedia applications over diverse platforms and heterogeneous networks. Of particular interest will be the digital media ecosystem, multimedia analysis and (communications related) processing, software systems and protocols for advanced service support, network and service provisioning and management, and next generation services and service delivery platforms. The symposium will follow ICC 2012 instructions for paper submission, review, and session construction. Papers offering novel research contributions in any aspect of Communications Software, Services, and Multimedia are solicited for submission to the symposium.

Topics of Interest

The Communications Software, Services, and Multimedia Applications Symposium seeks original contributions in, but not limited to, the following topical areas:

Digital media ecosystem

  • Architectures for digital media ecosystem: from producer to consumer
  • Architecture of content generation and adaptation
  • Home and entertainment digital media ecosystem
  • Internet digital media ecosystem
  • Performance studies of digital media ecosystem
  • Business models and economics for digital media ecosystem
  • IPTV service and home networking: architectures, media streaming for IPTV, deployment of IPTV services, case study, and new trends in IPTV
  • QoS measurements for digital media: evaluation and analysis
  • Scalable and network-aware digital media techniques
  • Security and digital right management

Next Generation Services and Service Delivery Platforms

  • Mobile services and platforms
  • IMS and multimedia services
  • GIS and location-based services
  • VoP2P and P2P-SIP services
  • Home network services and platforms
  • Social networking services and platforms
  • Convergence of communication and global services
  • Everything-as-a-Service model and delivery platforms
  • Next Generation Services and emerging threats

Multimedia Analysis, Processing and Communications

  • Multimedia delivery over wired and wireless networks
  • Content-centric and content-based networking
  • Cross-layer optimization for multimedia service support
  • Multicast, broadcast and IPTV
  • Media streaming
  • Peer-to-Peer services, overlay optimization and content delivery
  • Scalability and reliability issues
  • Scalable video delivery
  • Video quality assessment and impairment concealment

Software and Protocol Technologies for advanced service support

  • Web Services and distributed SW technology
  • Distributed systems and applications, including Grid Services
  • Peer-to-Peer technologies for communication services
  • Service overlay networks
  • Context awareness and personalization
  • Location-based services
  • Ubiquitous computing services and applications
  • Communications software in vehicular communications
  • Cooperative communications

Network and Service Management and Provisioning

  • Multimedia QoS provisioning
  • Quality of experience for end-to-end communications
  • End-to-End Quality-oriented routing algorithms
  • Service creation, delivery, management
  • Network management
  • Virtual home environment
  • Charging, pricing, business models
  • Triple and Quadruple play services
  • Security and privacy in network and service management
  • Service overlay networks
  • Cooperative networking for streaming media content

Important Dates

Technical Paper Submission 28 September 2011
Acceptance Notification 09 January 2011
Camera-Ready Paper 20 February 2012