The 58th IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC 2022)

Call for Papers for Symposium on Selected Areas in Communications – Social Networks Track

16-20 May 2022 // Seoul, Korea


  • Abderrahim Benslimane, Avignon University, France, email:


Recently, social network research has advanced rapidly with the prevalence of online social applications and mobile social communications systems. Moreover, the ongoing pandemic via contact social networks has caused tremendous human life and economic loss around the world, and infodemic is one of the major social impacts that make people difficult to discriminate trustworthy sources, from false and manipulative information sources. Therefore, researchers are increasingly interested in addressing a wide spectrum of challenges in social networks, such as developing social-aware algorithms for communications systems, identifying the topological common structures and information/influence flows, analyzing the social media and evolutions of social graphs, and exploiting location-based and contextual information embedded in mobile social networks to create innovative applications. Due to the interdisciplinary nature, social networks have also attracted intensive research interests across multiple disciplines, including artificial intelligence, blockchain, big data analytics, information security and privacy protection, psychology, and marketing. In light of the above crucial needs, Selected Areas in Communication Symposium in Social Networks will serve as a forum for researchers and technologists to discuss the state-of-the-art, present their contributions, and set future directions in social networks. High quality papers on theory as well as practical applications and R&D results from industry and academic/industrial collaborations are encouraged.


The Social Network Symposium seeks original contributions in the following topical areas, plus others that are not explicitly listed but are closely related:

  • Artificial Intelligence for social networks and applications
  • Social networks applications and services to mobile Internet, multimedia networks, mobile commerce, cyber-physical systems, and their potential social, economic, and cultural impacts
  • System architecture, protocols, middleware and software engineering, terminal technology, user experience and interface technology, deployment and operations, and standards for social networks
  • Convergence and interplay between social networks and the underlying communications platforms, including characterization of social interactions in mobile communication networks and analysis of social network from the communication theory perspective
  • Knowledge discovery with big mobile data analytics and information dissemination and propagation in social networks
  • Social network modeling, analysis, measurements, and experiments using big data for a better understanding of social network influence, reputation, recommendation, and community structure.
  • Numerical and analytical techniques as a foundation to enable social networks of massive networked (big) data
  • Influence of social networks on communications networks design and operation as well as the subsequent development of new paradigms of future communications networks
  • Trusted networking, privacy and security, user behaviors and dynamics, and digital right management for big data from social networks
  • New applications of large social network analysis and relational structure of social networks to design advanced wireless communication networks, and interplay with network science areas such as physics and biology
  • Social networks influence on (wireless) communications systems and networks and subsequent new design paradigm of future (wireless) network communications
  • Social network analysis on epidemic diagnosis and asymptomatic infector tracking for COVID-19 and other pandemics
  • Design of Social Internet-of-Thing (SIoT) and intelligent Body Area Network (iBAN) for efficient collection of epidemic information
  • Privacy-preserving distributed learning (e.g., federated learning) with SIoT and MEC for public health
  • Multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research on social networks
  • Infrastructure, platform, protocol design, and optimization for mobile social networks, social vehicular networks, mobile social clouds, and social Internet-of-Things with Artificial Intelligence


  • Deadline for paper submission: 14 November 2021
  • Date for notification: 18 January 2022
  • Deadline for final paper submission: 15 February 2022