The 3rd IEEE International Conference on Internet of People (IoP 2017)

August 4-8, 2017

San Francisco, USA

Call for Papers

With the map of social individuals referring to people to cyber entities, Internet of People (IoP), is focused on Internet-based personal information collection, characters modeling, collaborations, and a wide range of applications. The 3rd IEEE International Conference on Internet of People (IoP 2017) is a premier forum for sharing theoretical, experimental and operational results in relative fields. The first IoP was held in 2015 at Beijing, China and was a great success. IoP 2016 as the 2nd edition was also successfully held in Toulouse, France. Besides the latest research achievements, we solicit original papers on a wide scope in research and applications Internet of People.

The IoP 2017 topics include, but are not limited, to the following:

  • Social Computing and Social Internet of Things
  • Mobile Network and Behavior Analysis
  • Internet of Sensing, Thinking and Creation
  • Internet of Swarm Intelligence and Games
  • Human-centric Computing and Cyber-Physical Systems
  • Crowd Sensing, Sourcing, Intelligence and Wisdom
  • Biometric Sensors and Identifications
  • Brain Information Sensing and Processing
  • Brain-Computer Interface/Brain-Machine Interface
  • Internet of Brains and Lives
  • Wearable Computing and Implant Technology
  • Personal/Body Network and Near Field Communication
  • Affective Computing, Ubiquitous Social Computing
  • Internet-based Learning and MOOCs
  • Smart Healthcare and Cyborg
  • Hyper Connected Vehicles and Transportation
  • Deep Learning for IoP and Urban Computing
  • IoP System Modeling, Simulation and Optimization
  • IoP Security, Privacy, Trust and Ethics
  • IoP Applications, Implementation and Exploitation

Important Dates

Paper Submissions Deadline March 10, 2017
Poster/Demo Submission Due April 10, 2017
Authors Notification May 10, 2017
Camera-ready & Registration June 10, 2017

Organizing Committee

General Chairs

  • Huan Liu, Arizona State University, USA
  • Bing Guo, Northwestern Polytechnical University, China
  • Peizhao Hu, Rochester Institute of Technology, USA

General Executive Chair

  • Jerry (Zeyu) Gao, San Jose State University, USA

Program Chairs

  • Leye Wang, Hongkong University of Sci. & Tech, Hongkong
  • Chunlie Wang, San Jose State University, USA
  • Hakim Mabed, UBFC/FEMTO-ST, France

Poster and Demo Chairs

  • Brent Lagesse, University of Washington Bothell, USA
  • Xiao Han, Shanghai University Finance & Economics, China

Publicity Chairs

  • Ana-Maria Roxin, Laboratory LE2I, CNRS, Arts et Métiers, Univ. Bourgogne Franche-Comté, France
  • Siyu Zhu, Rochester Institute of Technology, USA
  • Fei Hao, Shaanxi Normal University, China
  • Ying Mao, The College of New Jersey, USA

Web Publication Chairs

  • Zihao Jiang, St. Francis Xavier University, Canada
  • Sazzad Hussain, St. Francis Xavier University, Canada

Submission Chairs

  • Young Wang, Chongqing University of P&T, China

Registration Chairs

  • Xuan Guan, San Jose State University, USA

Local Arrangement Chairs

  • Sam Zhang, San Jose State University, USA

Steering Committee

  • Jianhua Ma (Chair), Hosei University, Japan
  • Laurence T. Yang (Chair), St. Francis Xavier University, Canada
  • Stephen S. Yao, Arizona State University, USA
  • Huansheng Ning, Beijing University of Sci & Tech, China
  • Didier El Baz, LAAS-CNRS, France