The 38th IEEE Global Communications Conference (GLOBECOM 2019)

Selected Areas in Communication Symposium

Social Networks Track

9-13 December 2019

Waikoloa, HI, USA

Track Chair:

Dr. Jelena Misic, Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada


Social networks, which target the development of social relations among people with common interest through web-based services, have contributed a large portion of Internet traffic nowadays and become dominant forms of social interaction on the Internet. This recent development brings significant research interests on the interplay between mobile communications networks, mobile computing, and social networks. Due to its increasing prevalence and interdisciplinary nature, social networks have also attracted research attentions toa number of related technical areas, including cloud computing, big data analytics, data mining, information security, and privacy protection.  This track aims to provide a forum that brings together scientists and researchers from academia, industry, and government to present their cutting-edge innovations in all aspects of the field. Papers on practical applications and R&D results from industry and academic/industrial collaborations are encouraged.


  • Knowledge discovery with big mobile data analytics and information dissemination and propagation in social networks
  • Social network modeling, analysis, measurements, and experiments using big data and data mining for a better understanding of social network influence, reputation, recommendation, community structure, and advertisement etc.
  • Convergence and interplay between social networks and the underlying communications platforms, including characterization of social interactions in mobile communication networks and  analysis of social network from communication theory perspective
  • Influence of social networks on communications networks design and operation as well as subsequent development of new paradigms of future communications networks
  • AI, machine learning and analytical techniques as a foundation to enable social networks of massive networked (big) data (e.g., belief and message propagation, computational intelligence and machine learning, game, and economic analysis, graph theoretical analysis etc.)
  • Trusted networking, privacy and security, user behaviors and dynamics, and digital right management for big data from social networks
  • System architecture, protocols, middleware and software engineering, terminal technology, user experience and interface technology, deployment and operations, and standards for social networks
  • Social networks applications and services to the mobile Internet, multimedia networks, mobile-commerce, cyber-physical systems, and their potential social, economic, and cultural impacts
  • New applications of large social network analysis and relational structure of social networks to design advanced wireless communication networks, and interplay with network science areas such as physics and biology

Important Dates:

  • The paper submission deadline: 10 May 2019.
  • Acceptance notification:  15 July 2019

Submission Guidelines 

  • The IEEE Globecom 2019 website provides full instructions on how to submit papers and the paper format.
  • Symposia and SAC tracks submission link is (
  • Only PDF files will be accepted for the review process and all submissions must be done through EDAS at