The 35th Military Communications Conference (MILCOM 2016)

November 1-3, 2016
Baltimore Maryland, USA

Call for Papers

MILCOM 2016 solicits unclassified technical papers and proposals for tutorials and panels on current and emerging topics applicable to all facets of military communications. We encourage professionals in industry, academia and government worldwide to contribute and participate. The general forum will be open to all and there will be a restricted access portion of the program to support ITAR-controlled or FOUO material.

Track 1 –Waveforms and Signal Processing

  • Advanced Antenna and RF Technology
  • Anti-jamming Techniques
  • Cognitive Radios
  • Compressive Sensing
  • Cooperative Communication
  • Dynamic Spectrum Management
  • Free-space Optical and Laser-based Communications
  • Modified Commercial Wireless Communication
  • Modulation and Coding
  • Physical-layer Security
  • Propagation and Channel Modeling
  • Radar System, Detection and Localization
  • Satellite Signals
  • Signal Processing Algorithms
  • Underwater Communications

Track 2 –Networking Protocals and Performance

  • Ad Hoc, Mesh, Sensor Networks
  • Capacity Analysis and Optimization
  • Cognitive Networks
  • Content-Based Networking
  • Cross-Layer Design
  • Disruption-Tolerant Networks
  • Heterogeneous Networks
  • Hybrid Optical/RF Networks
  • Multicasting
  • Network and Information Sciences
  • Network Coding
  • Network Discovery
  • Networked Control System
  • Optical Networks
  • Overlay Networks
  • Protocols: MAC, Link-Layer, Network, Transport
  • Quality of Service
  • Routing
  • Software Defi ned Networking
  • Topology and Network Control

Track 3 –Cyber Security and Trusted Computing

  • Authentication, Authorization and Accounting
  • Access Control
  • Cloud Security
  • Critical Infrastructure Security
  • Cyber Operations
  • Cyber Defense
  • Distributed Systems Security
  • Identity Management
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Joint Tactical Network Security
  • Malware Analysis
  • Mobile Network Security
  • Risk Management
  • Threat Monitoring and Analysis
  • Trust and Privacy

Track 4 –System Perspectives

  • A2/AD Systems and Operations
  • Airborne Networks
  • Autonomous Systems
  • Communications-on-the-Move
  • Disadvantaged Networks
  • IED Detection/Geolocation
  • Integrated EW and Communications
  • Satellite Communications and Networks
  • Small Satellite Communications Networks
  • System Modeling and Simulations
  • Space Networks
  • System Architecture
  • Test Beds, Experiments, Exercises and Demonstrations

Track 5 –Selected Topics in Communications

  • Cognitive Analysis
  • Communication SW, Services, and Multimedia Applications
  • E-skin Communications
  • Homeland Security
  • Human Behavior in Cyber World
  • Human Factors in Communication System Design
  • Internet of Things
  • Low-Power Devices
  • LPI/LPD/LPE Communications
  • Machine-to-Machine Communications
  • Nano Communication Networks
  • Network Science
  • Sensor Communications
  • Social Networks
  • Survivable Communications and Networks

Technical Papers

Unclassified Technical Program

The unclassified technical program provides a venue for papers and presentations that do not include ITAR-sensitive, classified or proprietary information. EDAS will be used for all unclassified submissions.

Restricted-Access Technical Program

The restricted-access technical program provides avenue for papers that contain ITAR-controlled or FOUO information. To attend and participate in the restricted access program, one must be a U.S. citizen. In addition, papers originated outside of U.S. will not be accepted in this program. Password protected email must be used for all restricted-access submissions.

Tutorials and Panels

MILCOM 2016 also solicits proposals for unclassified half-day tutorials and one and half-to two- hour panels.

Relevant topics include state-of-the-art communications and networking technologies, cyber, and innovative techniques applied to communication systems and acquisition strategies for joint imperative.

Additional Information

Specific submission and proposal information, including information about travel grants for students, is available at

Program Chairs

Technical Program Chair
Jerry Brand, Ph.D, PE
Harris Corporation (

Unclassified Technical Program Chair
Matthew Valenti, Ph.D
West Virginia University

Restricted-Access Technical Program Chair
Akinwale Akinpelu
Johns Hopkins University
Applied Physics Laboratory

Unclassified Technical Program Vice Chairs
Harlan Russell, Ph.D
Clemson University

Panels Program Chair
Bharat Doshi, Ph.D US Army CERDEC

Tutorials Program Chair
Bonnie L. Gorsic
The Boeing Company

Important Dates

Technical Papers

Draft Papers Due April 4, 2016
Paper Acceptance Notification June 6, 2016
Final Papers Due July 18, 2016
Presentations Due September 26, 2016

Tutorials and Technical Panels

Proposals Due April 4, 2016
Acceptance Notification June 6, 2016
Materials Due September 12, 2016