Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing Special Issue on Scalable Platforms and Advanced Algorithms for IoT and Cyber-Enabled Applications

Aims and Scope

With the help of emerging technologies and computing paradigms, such as the mobile computing, social computing, and Internet of Things, the Cyber-Physical Systems have continuously permeated into all walks of our life at the personal, urban, and global scale, which is involving more and more people into an integration of physical, social, and mental space, called cyberspace. The process of producing numerous cyber things and developing cybermatic applications is progressively accelerating the requirements of cyber-infrastructure support, promising technology innovation, and smart platform development. Practical algorithms and mechanisms regarding to high performance computing and parallelism should be explored to deal with the new phenomena, behaviors, and practices in the highly distributed Cyber-Physical systems across the cyber-physical-social-mental conjugation. A number of challenge issues include: How to develop the foundational architecture and platform to support the efficient and scalable processing of hybrid data set? How to figure out the parallel optimization methods for the distributed control and real-time interaction issues? How to handle the security and privacy, scalability and reliability, efficiency and energy issues in the cyber-enabled applications, and etc.

Topics may include (but are not limited to)

•  Hybrid Platform and Middleware Design for Cyber-Enabled Applications
•  Parallel and Distributed Models for Cyber-Physical Systems
•  Parallel Optimization Algorithm for Cyber-Enabled Applications
•  Cloud-based Parallel and Distributed Algorithms for Wearable Computing
•  High Performance Evaluation Metrics of Distributed Cyber-Physical Systems
•  Real-Time Behavior Analysis and Interaction Measure in Cyberspace
•  Data Transfer Scheduling and Resource Management for Cyber-Enabled Applications
•  Framework and Implementation for Smart Energy Systems in Cyberspace
•  Advanced PDC for Heterogeneous Data Storage and Management
•  Distributed Computing and Algorithm in Sensor Networks
•  Parallel and Distributed Mechanism for Intelligent Transportation Systems
•  Parallel and Distributed Computing for Cyber-Enabled Healthcare
•  Security, Privacy and Safety in Cyber-Enabled Applications
•  Scalable Platform of High Reliability


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Important Dates

Paper Submission Due December 31, 2016
Completion of First Review Cycle April 15, 2017
Deadline for Submitting the Revised Papers July 15, 2017
Second Review Completion August 30, 2017
Camera-Ready Manuscript Due September 30, 2017

Guest Editors

Xiaokang Zhou, Shiga University, Japan
Guangquan Xu, Tianjin University, China
Ivan Ruchkin, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Jianhua Ma, Hosei University, Japan

Contact Information

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